Monday, July 7, 2008

Naga Queen is in Kolkata

Might be surprised !why, the Naga Queen has to travel from her beautiful valley to the crowded Kolkata. Organic Pineapple is the answer to this query.

Nagaland, a region in the Northeast of India has got enormous potential in terms of agriculture and with the initiative of Government of Nagaland and Naandi foundation it has achieved a way towards showcasing its potential in the market.

Organic farming- an initiative by Naandi to preserve and protect the sustainability of environment took Pineapple cultivation as its first initiative in Northeast. The endeavor of the Self Help Groups(SHG) and the farmers in particular have paved the way towards an attempt to achieve sustainable livelihood.
Thanks to Naandi who brought Keventers- an agro-based group having 125 years of experience who will be helping Naga Queen to reach the market with proper returns.

Unlike the King variety of Kerela which has enormous market in Hyderabad, Naga pineapple which has been labeled as 'NagaQ' has got its advantage in terms of its quality which is far more superior than others. In addition to this, it is organically grown and also a SHG involving Naga women makes it different from others.

The harvesting of the pineapples are done extensively by the farmers and is taken over by the women SHG who in turn gives to Keventer for marketing . Keventer here plays a crucial role where they do three types of marketing which includes
1. Direct to home(DTH)
2. Retail Marketing .
3. Distributing to Mandis.

They institutionalize the DTH process where they have links with Spencers and Metro.
Thus, Naga Queen with the help of Keventer reached Kolkata 's renowned Mechhua market . Earlier pineapple from Siliguri used to reach this market,now its time for us to wait and watch the kind of competition NagaQ throws on Siliguri pineapples and whether our Naga farmers and Women SHG gets their edge in terms of true incentives.

There are even plans from Naandi to utilize products like Ginger, Naga chilli's and also most attractive Passion fruit in the days to come,so hope NagaQ settle down in Mechhua market and makes it sweetness omnipresent.

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